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BASE MSRP:Rp5,999,000.00
Burr Grinder

Proper grind size is a key factor in determining flavor. The KitchenAid Burr Grinder offers 15 grind settings from a very fine grind for espresso to a coarse French press grind to ensure the grind always fits your brew method.

Top Features:  15 Grind Settings
15 Grind Settings:
For excellent grind consistency and lower grinding temperatures. Available in half-step increments from 1 to 8, from a very fine espresso grind to a coarse French press grind.
Stainless Steel Cutting Burrs
Stainless Steel Cutting Burrs:
Offer durability, powerful performance and a superb grind consistency.
7 oz. Glass Bean Hopper and Grind Jar
7 oz. Glass Bean Hopper and Grind Jar:
Minimizes the static "cling" of coffee grinds. Hopper unscrews from housing for simple cleaning and features a press-fit lid for quick filling.
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BASE MSRP:Rp4,599,000.00
Siphon Coffee Brewer

The simple science of complex flavor. The KitchenAid Siphon Brewer automates the manual vacuum brewing process for a complex and velvety cup of coffee.

Top Features:  Automated Full Immersion Siphon Brewing
Automated Full Immersion Siphon Brewing:
Delivered through precise temperature and vacuum technology for a complex and velvety cup of coffee.
Brew Unit Stand
Brew Unit Stand:
Securely holds brew unit once brewing is complete.
Flavor Profile
Flavor Profile:
Complex and velvety cup of craft coffee.
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BASE MSRP:Rp3,599,000.00
Pour Over Coffee Brewer

The Pour Over Coffee Brewer celebrates the art of manual craftsmanship through automated technology that extracts bright, full flavored coffee.

Top Features:  Automated Pour Over Brewing Technology
Automated Pour Over Brewing Technology:
Mimics the manual pour over process delivering consistent infused flavor without the manual effort.
Minimal Heat Loss
Minimal Heat Loss:
The unique brewing technology minimizes heat loss during the brewing process.
24 Hour Programmability
24 Hour Programmability:
24 Hour Programmability ensures that coffee can be ready at a precise time, day or night.
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BASE MSRP:Rp2,399,000.00
Precision Press Coffee Maker

Easily brew up to 740mL of classic french press coffee with an integrated scale and timer for a precise, full-bodied brew.

Top Features:  Integrated Scale and Timer
Integrated Scale and Timer:
To weigh coffee grounds and water independently in one carafe for precise ratio and brew time.
Dual Wall, Stainless Steel Construction
Dual Wall, Stainless Steel Construction:
Retains heat, ensuring proper extraction and optimal flavor.
Flavor Profile
Flavor Profile:
Bold, full bodied.
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Displaying 4 out of 4 items
1 Year Replacement Limeted Warranty