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Enjoy more nutrient-rich juice with less prep and a lot less cleanup.

Unique Features

  • Maximum Extraction

    2 In 1 Extra Wide Feed Tube with Hopper

    Accommodates various sizes of soft, hard or leafy fruits and vegetables while reducing pre cutting.

  • Drip Stop Spout

    Three Pulp Screens

    Low pulp, high pulp and saucing/jams: Choice of pulp preference for a wide variety of foods like smooth herb and vegetable juices, savoury coulis, thick fruit purées and sweet jams.

  • Ceramic Slicing Disk

    Two Stage Slow Juicing Technology with Stainless Steel Pre-slicing Blade and Auger Assembly

    For maximum extraction of juice with less prep work and less foam.

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KitchenAid Maximum Extraction Juicer